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The 82A Sunday Sessions
Every Sunday
3:00pm – 7:00pm

Video Walk thru of the entire space

To receive the full address, contacts etc, please register

The sessions are:

  • Open and free to *experienced* musicians/performers/artists who’re interested in originality, improvisation, expanding their boundaries, collaborating, jamming, sometimes jumping off the deep end, meeting new and like minded people, critical & constructive dialogue
  • If a cover song or tune doesn’t have a unique arrangement or interesting angle, the Sunday Sessions are not the place. There are plenty of other avenues for simply doing covers and standards

The sessions are held:

  • In a relaxed private studio/rehearsal/theatre/space in Alexandria Sydney Australia away from the hype of the music, entertainment and theatre scene/s, where interesting stuff can happen. It is not a money making venture and not open to a public audience.
  • Performers can present and have their work appraised. Have fun doing it without the burden of logistics or having to hire a studio or gear.
  • Full list of the facilities and equipment available


  • Although it might eventuate, there is no specific aim to form a regular group or ensemble or to play outside of the sessions
  • There’s no guarantee who’ll be at each session or their level of expertise and the content of the sessions are entirely dependent on the participants
  • What you see and hear when you first arrive is not indicative of the whole session, your input can change the direction
  • If there’s something specific you’d like to try, please consider how you can present it. There’s access into the PA for IPod, IPhone, IPad, laptop, CD, a dedicated laptop, projector, large screen, ‘Band in Box’. It takes only a minute to photograph a chart and project it onto the screen so everyone can be on the same page (best in landscape)

Documentation/Recordings/Video/Photography of the Sunday Sessions:

  • Sometimes the record button is pressed … sometimes not.
  • Recordings/photos/videos are published so people can get an idea of what has and can happen and as a platform to demonstrate people’s abilities
  • Permission to record and publish is by participation. If you do not want to be published please inform the facilitator on the day
  • Mix down/editing photos/video and publication on the 82A Sunday Sessions blog, A Minor detour blog, YouTube, Sound Cloud, website and/or any other publicly available media or medium, is at the facilitator’s discretion and is only meant to be representative, not finished product. Please see 82a Sunday Sessions Copyright

The Sunday Sessions are not:


Profits from Concerts/Showcases and/or monies from the disposal/sale of Donated Equipment, equipment bought from donations or any excess funds raised for maintaining the SoundCloud archive will go to
IBMA is a non-profit association dedicated to assisting disadvantaged youth who wish to follow a career in theatre
The Ian Bowie Memorial Association

a non-profit association dedicated to assisting disadvantaged youth who wish to follow a career in theatre/entertainment.


The 82a Sunday sessions recommend and have received support from
We recommend, use and are given material support by Cases cases Stretch Mk1 Logo
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About 82A Sunday Sessions

The 82a Sunday Sessions are every Sunday 3:00pm to 7:00pm in a private studio/rehearsal space in Alexandria Sydney Australia The sessions are open to experienced musicians/performers/artists who're interested in collaborating, experimenting, pushing their envelope and critical dialogue in a cross section of performance arts. Music, spoken word, movement etc. The facilities and equipment are provided free to participants. Originality and critical dialogue are encouraged!
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