Charity project – “Prayin’ again” (working title)

A song about the natural disasters we have in Australia every year came to me from the ether. It’s purpose was immediately clear

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the chorus on the Demo

I would like to
A) assign all the proceeds from the rights to a reputable charitable organization
B) see the song re-recorded with a NAME performer in order to have the kudos to
C) get the track into the libraries of as many radio stations across Australia as possible and
D) prick their consciences to have it played it whenever there’s the inevitable, flood, fire natural disaster

Every time it’s aired a little will be added to the coffers of a charitable organization (TBC, probably the Salvos)

Up until now, everything I’d done to get some feedback or assistance fell into the proverbial black hole. However, I recently contacted Mr Frank Varrasso of Varrasso PR with the idea, suggesting it be remastered or re-recorded with a name artist. Frank immediately replied and had this to say

“I think it’s a great idea, but for radio to play it, you’ll need to re-record it so it sounds strong enough to sit amongst other songs played by the station. Additionally, replacing your vocal with a well know performer would be a very wise investment. I think your best appoach would be to target high profile ‘country’ artists and see if they would be keen to become involved and donate their time to such a cause. I would target the Country Music assoc of Australia: and/or contact the Academy of Country Music :
They could very well do a lot of the leg-work for you in terms of securing a studio & vocalist to record & release the song”

Rather encouraging! To that end I have contacted the Country Music assoc of Australia and Academy of Country Music and @ 26th Feb 2014 await their reply




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1 Response to Charity project – “Prayin’ again” (working title)

  1. philipcleary says:

    Well done mate, this is a big step, not only in the natural development of this song, but also in the most nesessary process of taking it to another level, at the best. Philip Cleary

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