A Minor detour ‘Stepping off the edge’ 8th March 2014


A Minor detour provides an umbrella for performances of an unusual, experimental and original nature
stepping off the edge
the bluff (publicity)
publicity 02
Everyone is bluffing until someone sets foot on a stage!

Some items are audio only

(individual items below)

It was a mixture of talents, genres, themes and styles
Some of the pieces evolved from the Sunday Sessions
Some were personally devised by the performers
Some were rehearsed
Some were improvised on the spot
Some traditional Indian and experimental music
Some known and some unknown
Some quirky humour
Some social and personal commentary in song, spoken word and performance art
A changing musical ensemble
The program was greater than some of the parts and
definitely subject to some improvisation

Doors opened at 8:00pm
Showtime 8:30pm – 10:30pm 9:15pm – 11:15pm

(We were ready … if it was a bus, some people would’ve missed it! Great you made it!)

Running time about 2hrs

The Performers: In order of appearance

Benni Seidel & Melanie Eden 01Benni Seidel
Founder and Artistic director ‘A Minor detour’ (2013 – present)
Founder and Artistic director ‘Stretch Mk1’ (1985 – present) an image base theatre company who have performed in over fourty countries around the world.
Now semi-retired, still writing, still playing music and facilitating the 82a Sunday Sessions as a free avenue for creative expression for artists, performers and musicians.
Host. Solo vocal. Collaborated with Melanie Eden. Contributed to other artists and joined the ensemble
Benni acoustic guitar vocal lyrics, Nabil Daoud electric guitar Abridged – Full version (© Copyright)

Fairy Tale Day – Benni composition acoustic guitar, Melanie Eden vocal, Steve Schofield keyboard, Morad Kheirkhah dance (© Copyright)

Dave Rutherford(contact)

Dave plays classical and jazz guitar.
He’s well know for quietly practicing his craft as he busks in Sydney.
He was our Vainika for the evening, playing the classical Indian instrument from which the sitar is believed to have been derived

Nabil Daoud and Shamis Daoud(contact)

Shamis & Nabil Daoud 02 Nabil Daoud
Nabil is a guitarist with the ability to listen, fit in and/or take the music into other dimensions.
His own music can be heard here
Nabil and daughter Shamis performed together as a duet. One of the highlights of the evening. (© Copyright)

Nabil also played electric guitar on one of Benni’s pieces and joined the musical ensemble

Clive Little(contact)

Clive Little 01
Clive is a seasoned musician with a passion for the blues. He plays harmonica, guitar, drums, mandolin, keyboards and with fine voice
Harmonica on Polar Bear, performed three pieces solo on guitar, harmonica & vocal and joined the musical ensemble (© Copyright)

Melanie Eden(contact)
Melanie Eden 03
Benni Seidel & Melanie Eden 01Melanie Eden 05Melanie Eden
Performance artist and vocalist
with a voice that simply amazes!
Melanie presented a performance art piece
Her amazing vocal ability in song
Contributed to other performers pieces and with the ensemble through out the evening.

Based on an improvisation at the 82a Sunday Sessions. Andy Tims guitar C/R, Nabil Daoud guitar L, Benni Seidel guitar R, Craig Collinge drums, Mitch Smith bass, Clive Little harmonica, Melanie Eden vocal & lyrics (© Copyright)

Listen to the original improv session

Based on an improvisation at the 82a Sunday Sessions. Frankie Farrugia drums, Mitch Smith bass, Melanie Eden vocal lyrics & accordion, Steve Schofield EWI (© Copyright)

Listen to the original improv session
Abridged performance by Melanie Eden and James Bretherton (contains nudity and sexual references). Music by Javier Peres drums, Steve Schofield EWI, Craig Collinge keyboard, Andy Tims guitar, Mitch Smith bass, Frankie Farrugia congas
There is no error. Contains nudity. Click to view in Youtube and confirm your age!

Frankie Farrugia(contact)
Frankie Farrugia
Frankie is one of the exceptional Sydney drummers mentored by
the legendary Jack Savage (rip)
If he was a con man, his smile alone would make you buy the bridge!
His contribution to the evening was with Melanie Eden and the ensemble
Frankie Farrugia drums, Melanie Eden vocal, Phil Cleary vocal, Clive Little guitar R, Steve Schofield EWI, Craig Collinge keyboard, Mitch Smith bass, Nabil Daoud guitar L, Benni Seidel (© Copyright)

Morad Kheirkhah
Morad Kheirkhah(contact)
Morad Kheirkhah 01Morad Melanie JamesMorad Kheirkhah 02
An aspiring playwright on a short stay from Iran, Morad has captured many of the images from the Sunday Sessions. He pitched in and added a surprise element to the evening.
(You’re just gonna have to wait for some video)

James Bretherton – (contact)
James Bretherton
James Bretherton 03James Bretherton 01
Wordsmith / poet
He once stopped a bulldozer
Performed with Melanie Eden in her Art Performance. Quite a wordsmith and imposing performer
A Video snippet coming soon!

Steve Schofield(contact)
Steve Schofield
Steve Schofield - sax EWI keyboardsSteve SchofieldSteve Schofield
Multi instrumentalist. Saxophone, didge, EWI, keyboards
His music can be uplifting, haunting, sweet, raucous, beautifull,
delicate, powerfull, floating, strident
Steve joined Craig Collinge, Melanie Eden, Benni in their pieces and added to the musical ensemble

Andy Tims(contact)
Andy Tims
Clive Little Frankie Farrugia Mitch Smith & Andy Tims 2
Andy modestly describes himself as
“a guitarist who is interested in improvisation and mixing different musical styles”
I’ll say no more and allow his modesty to prevail
Andy contributed to other artists and joined the ensemble
Andy Tims guitar R, Benni Seidel guitar R engineer edit mix, Clive Little harmonica, Mitch Smith bass, Nabil Daoud guitar L, Javier Peres drums (© Copyright)

Mitch Smith(contact)
Until the Sunday 2nd rehearsal an unknown quantity, Mitch put himself up to ‘step off the edge’ on electric bass.
He says, “well I’m 18, I’m studying a Bachelor of music at UNSW, I finished the HSC with an E4 for music extension. I give guitar lessons around sydney, but I’m interested in playing bass guitar and drums as well. other than I guess there isn’t too much to say”
There’s much more can be said! Mitch’s input is great! Recommend Mitch as a bass player

Javier Peres(contact)
Melanie Eden, Javier Peres, Hossien Hosseniparvar
Sy Browne, Javier Peres, Bron Watkins
Javier is from Spain and is great percussionist and a really nice guy. Making a name for himself in jazz and improvising circles in Sydney. That’s all I know!!!???
He backed other artists and joined the ensemble

Graig Collinge(contact)
Craig Collinge
Keyboard, vocals, drums
Craig is also relatively new to the Sunday Sessions, however he has been making music for over half a century!
A long but incomplete list of his musical achievements can be found here. Full of enthusiasm, surprises, constantly inventive, a great guy to have in a musical ensemble
Improvisation based on an idea by Craig Collinge keyboards drums vocals, Melanie Eden Vocal, Steve Schofield EWI (© Copyright)

Listen to the original improv session

Neil Townsend – (contact)
Neil Townsend
Audio Capture
Neil is a musician in his own right and although he is already doing sound and lighting in Sydney he is engaged in the Sunday Session’s audio mentoring program
He battled a cantankerous computer wanting to drop out all night. Bravo!

Sven Thorin(contact)
Sven Thorin
Electric Bass & Guitar
Sven is new (and regular) to the Sunday Sessions and had committed to play, but a much more important gig came up
His partner Eva went into labour on the 8th!
Kian was born at 01:30 March 9th 2014 . Congratulations
[ need a picture for here ]
BIG Congratulations to Eva sven
Exciting times good health to the trio
Warm regards

Hopefully not a bass player or drummer.
All the best mom & dad. (One day they’ll want a motor car if there are still such things)

Sven is a very competent bass player over a range of styles

The Musical Ensemble – as it has been, never the same, always
“stepping off the edge!”

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About 82A Sunday Sessions

The 82a Sunday Sessions are every Sunday 3:00pm to 7:00pm in a private studio/rehearsal space in Alexandria Sydney Australia The sessions are open to experienced musicians/performers/artists who're interested in collaborating, experimenting, pushing their envelope and critical dialogue in a cross section of performance arts. Music, spoken word, movement etc. The facilities and equipment are provided free to participants. Originality and critical dialogue are encouraged!
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9 Responses to A Minor detour ‘Stepping off the edge’ 8th March 2014

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Benni,
    As I’m away this weekend, I’m wondering if my contribution idea could make the next concert, if there is one planned?


  2. Anonymous says:

    PS: I am happy to play on other peoples ideas.

  3. julie says:

    How did the performance go? I’m so very sorry I missed it but I had a friends’ 70th birthday party to attend. (PS I did register for an invite but I didn’t receive a response..?). I look forward to collaborating on more magical musical making and mad follies soon! :)

    • Hi Julie,

      some people eventually didn’t step up to the edge for various reasons

      some stepped up to the edge but not quite off

      some of the edges were a bit raggedy

      some we fell off!!!

      All in all It went OK.

      About 30 people.

      I’ll do a write up pics, audio and video update soonish

      Ooooops re- 2 invites. My bad. Got really over busy towards Sat


  4. julie says:

    well it sounds like a bloody good start and I’m looking forward to seeing the pics & AV. I’ve got my thinking cap on and would love to stay engaged :)

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