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Press Release for “OUT!” A project evolving from the 82a Sunday Sessions

‘OUT!’ radio series combines acoustic and electronic 21st century new wave experimental improvised and explosive music, taking the listener on a musical audio time travel .

The eclectic mix of artists, composers and multi-instrumentalists unite in the moment which endows the integrity of the music. Live recording of which brings immediacy and a no-holds-barred attitude to the proceedings where one take is the norm.

Some of the artists on these recordings are

Craig Collinge
Craig Collinge
Craig’s early career was as a drummer/percussionist/vocalist extraordinaire on the International stage. He has reinvented himself as freeform soloist pianist, keyboardist and composer

Melanie Eden
Melanie Eden
Melanie is a vocalist, performance artist and active member of Sydney’s music/art scene. She is a great improvising and intuitive musician whose amazing vocal range crosses many styles of music.

Steve Schofield
Steve Schofield
Steve is a multi-instrumentalist musician based in Sydney, Australia. He has studied jazz performance at the Open Academy Sydney Conservatorium of Music and plays a variety of saxophones, keyboard, EWI, didgeridoo. Steve’s enthusiasm is for free improvisation either as a soloist or as part of an ensemble and believes improvised music is about communication at a level that is more profound than conscious thought. “The reward for passionately pursuing the truth of music is its purity and beauty”.

“Steve Schofield’s music can be uplifting, haunting, sweet, raucous, beautiful, delicate, powerful, floating, strident” Benni Seidel – Artistic Director, Australia’s Stretch Mk1

Benni Seidel
Benni Seidel
Benni is a multi –instrumentalist, composer, producer/engineer, performance & theatre practitioner, Artistic Director of Australia’s Stretch Mk1 and 82A Sunday Sessions host. He facilitates 82A as a private studio space to play and explore various art forms and record new and exciting music

Peter Busboom
Peter Busboom - Germany via USA - guitar
Peter Busboom German/American guitarist, composer working internationally and now living in Sydney specialising in jazz tinged contempory sounds

Arron Manfield
Arron Manfield
Arron is a designer, photographer, philosopher and musician – in no particular order at any moment in time. He plays flutes, soprano and tenor saxophones and side percussion. His style ranges from ambient, through lyrical, pulsing rythmic to frenetic

Philip Cleary
Philip Cleary
Phil Cleary writer/playwright, spoken word, performance art. Phillip has performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art, ABC Radio National and venues such as Art House Hotel Sydney

Improvised music at times is challenging. The reward is a purity and beauty of the moment, when musician and listener allow the music to flow through and over them

ShortLink http://wp.me/p38vMA-1TT

About 82A Sunday Sessions

The 82a Sunday Sessions are every Sunday 3:00pm to 7:00pm in a private studio/rehearsal space in Alexandria Sydney Australia The sessions are open to experienced musicians/performers/artists who're interested in collaborating, experimenting, pushing their envelope and critical dialogue in a cross section of performance arts. Music, spoken word, movement etc. The facilities and equipment are provided free to participants. Originality and critical dialogue are encouraged!
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