82a Sunday Session 8th March 2105

short link http://wp.me/p38vMA-uWH

In attendance : Peter Busboom guitar bass, Alejandro Miranda guitars bass, Melanie Eden vocals, Benni Seidel drums guitar

No recording, no pics go to the next

A constructive session revisiting and charting previous improvisations ….

2 sax
To guarantee yourself active participation
and to help facilitate technical requirements and the set up of the space
Please confirm via the form & make your needs known
No time wasters please!!!

THE SCHEDULE (approximate)
Technical and spacial set up. Any assistance will be welcome. People with a particularly complex set up should attempt to get in before the session starts

1:30pm to 2:30pm Sound check / a period for throwing around ideas/structures people would like to try and any prep necessary for the 2nd period
2:45pm to 5:15pm Free and/or structured improvisation and/or/maybe ideas from the 1st period
5:30pm to 6:30pm “VA@82A” = Virtually Acoustic Free and/or structured improvisation with essential amplification only. Will attempt again to record. Using three vintage ribbon mics – centre room – quietest instruments and vocals closest. Last week we were blasted out by thunderous rain, you can read my pathetic excuse here

1952 Italian made Riem 230 Mignon
Riem 1952 230 Mignon
1945 RCA Varacoustic MI-6203
1945 RCA Varacoustic MI-6203-D
1940 Electro-Voice V-1
1940s ElectroVoice V1

GOT AN IDEA? BRING IT!: There’s access into the PA for IPod, IPhone, IPad, laptop, CD and there’s a dedicated laptop, projector, large screen, a big blackboard, reams of paper and marker pens so everyone can be on the same page!

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Register: to get the full address and contact details for 82A activities
Tell us what activity you’d like to be involved in, what you do and what you’d like to do!

* This is to help ascertain the equipment 82a will need to source and/or set up

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About 82A Sunday Sessions

The 82a Sunday Sessions are every Sunday 3:00pm to 7:00pm in a private studio/rehearsal space in Alexandria Sydney Australia The sessions are open to experienced musicians/performers/artists who're interested in collaborating, experimenting, pushing their envelope and critical dialogue in a cross section of performance arts. Music, spoken word, movement etc. The facilities and equipment are provided free to participants. Originality and critical dialogue are encouraged!
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